Eleotin Tea Blend

Eleotin Tea Blend


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Eleotin tea was developed by scientists at the Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Centre at the University of Calgary in Alberta, eleotin tea is a drink derived from a health food created to help the body regulate blood glucose levels. The tea is composed of roots, stems, flowers and leaves from different plants that together assist individuals suffering from diabetes maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

The drink has also been found beneficial for individuals not afflicted with diabetes, as it can help cleanse the human body. The ingredients in eleotin tea cause increased urination, cleansing and aiding in the removal of impurities from the human body. Eleotin tea's cleansing ability has also proved beneficial in strengthening the body's immune system. May help with Weight Loss, Obesity, Metabolism. Organic ingredients: Astragalus roots, Shepherds Purse stems, Wolf Berries-Goji Berries.

May be infused in a teapot of your choosing.

Sample size, Refill Packet, Bulk Packet.


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