Japanese Matcha Tea

Japanese Matcha Tea


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This is the tea of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Uji match, which is from Kyoto, Japan.

Young premium quality tea leaves are ground into powder form so that the tea can be whisked into a thick infusion.
This high-quality Matcha (powdered Tencha green tea) is designed to prepare “usucha” (thin tea) for the Japanese tea ceremony. Produced by steaming, drying and grounding Gyokuro tea, the result is a deep emerald tea with a rich, subtle sweetness and layers of flavour.

Brewing Recommendation: Put 2 teaspoons in a Matcha bowl and pour 4 tablespoons of hot water (65 C) over the tea. Whisk rapidly until a thin layer of foam appears.

Matcha Tea can also be used in cooking and to create green tea ice cream. Other serving suggestions include ice tea, latte or milkshakes.


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