Organic Chai Masala Tea

Organic Chai Masala Tea


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In India, tea is most commonly enjoyed with various spices to add to the enjoyment. Carefully chosen and balanced, the use of spices can make a wonderful, exotic and warming brew. World Par-TEA blends its own chai in the tradition of the delicious teas available on the subcontinent.
Chai is most often enjoyed milky and sweet, as the flavours and textures combine with the milk and sugar to create a dense, aromatic and flavoursome cup.
We blend a broken orange pekoe for strength with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper for bite and warmth. To make a delicious chai, it is best to infuse two thirds of a pot of boiling water with a generous helping of chai. Give it time to steep, and then add sugar to please a sweet tooth and stir. While the brew settles, heat some milk, and then pour it into the teapot. Remember to strain while pouring, and enjoy the true Indian experience at any time of day! This is a 'FAIR TRADE TEA'.


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