Organic Chamomile Tea

Organic Chamomile Tea


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Chamomile is an excellent tea to relieve digestive disturbances related to stress, as it is an anti-spasmodic and is soothing to the stomach and the nerves. It also has a mild anti-inflammatory effect and anti-allergy effect.
Chamomile is a marvellous tea to use for fractious children – serve it at room temperature and observe its magical calming effect. It has also demonstrated clinically an anti-anxiety and a sedative effect.

Whole Organic Chamomile flowers provide a soothing, caffeine free alternative, ideal for evening enjoyment to help promote relaxation and calm the nerves before retiring. A safe herbal infusion for children and adults alike – also often recommended to help soothe skin irritations. A teaspoon of dried flowers infused in a cup of boiling water can be sweetened with a spoon of honey for a delicious calming drink.


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