Ti Kuanyin Oolong Tea

Ti Kuanyin Oolong Tea


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Ti Kuanyin or Iron Goddess of Mercy tea is one of the most famous oolong teas in the world. Some call Tie Guan Yin “Iron Buddha” or “Monkey Picked”. Oolongs are semi-fermented teas (black teas are fermented, green teas are unfermented) and there is much skill involved in their preparation and processing. Literally translated, oolong means Black Dragon and these teas are highly sought after for their depth of flavour, fully developed aroma and digestive properties.

Oolong makes a good after meal cuppa. 2nd and 3rd infusion tastes the best. Oolong teas are often marketed as weight loss teas, as they aid digestion. Our oolong is grown in the famous Wuyi Mountain in China.
This tea is self-drinking, meaning no additives (such as milk or sugar) are recommended.


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