World Par-TEA Tea Club - Premium Membership

World Par-TEA Tea Club – Premium Membership


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Join the tea revolution! The World Par-Tea Tea Club guarantees you fresh tea, delivered, each month. The premium membership where you will receive two bags of tea each month and a free glass teapot with your first delivery. Postage and handling is included in the one off payment. Let us know the month of your birthday when you are ordering and we will send you an extra bag of tea that month to help you celebrate at no extra cost! Premium Membership. 24 teas and a genie glass teapot – plus your birthday tea and all postage and handling $295 Please let us know your tea preferences in as much detail as you like, so that we can do our best to bring you teas that will suit your tastes the best. We cannot guarantee that you will get certain teas each month but we will endeavour to fulfill your requests to the best of our ability.


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