Yellow Bud Tea Organic

Yellow Bud Tea Organic


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World Par-Tea has done it again.. we have sourced the HIGHEST grade possible of one of the RAREST types of YELLOW teas, yellow tea is produced from carefully picked downy single bud and its adjacent diminutive leaves. Yellow tea is high in antioxidants, low in caffeine and extremely refreshing.
As the name suggests, both the leaves and the infusion are yellow in colour. This colour is obtained by adding an extra step, called “Yellowing”. The length of the yellowing process can vary from thirty minutes in some teas to six days in others. The yellowing process brings about some complex and subtle changes, softening the grassy and bitter taste that some green teas have, creating a mellow aromatic cup of yellow tea. So yellow tea is slightly fermented. The yellowing process of Huoshan Huangya Tea is the lightest, which makes it closer to green tea.


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