Yin Zhen - Silver Needle Tea Highest Grade

Yin Zhen – Silver Needle Tea Highest Grade


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Yin Zhen (or Silver Needle) is white tea of incomparable quality. For the uninitiated, white tea is created when only the unopened leaf buds are picked rather than the leaves themselves. These buds are often covered with a fine, white, downy covering (like tiny hairs) giving the silvery appearance associated with white teas. The younger and smaller the leaves picked, the sweeter the taste and the more sought after the tea. Yin Zhen however, is no ordinary white tea. Yin Zhen is made up of only the topmost bud from the youngest part of the plant, from only certain bushes deemed to be of high enough quality. This tea is only allowed by Chinese botanists to be picked on two days of the year deemed to be auspicious enough. The plucking is carried out in the pre dawn darkness while the dew still sits fresh on the unopened buds. The buds are completely unprocessed excepting the air drying process. People used to the strong taste of coffee or Assam style teas may barely notice its subtle aroma and taste. Green tea aficionados will at once recognise its delicate refinement. To fully appreciate Yin Zhen, one must be aware of the slight change in texture felt on the palate after each mouthful, and a freshening of the breath. Drinking Yin Zhen means drinking the goodness of leaves opening at the very instant of brewing and therefore at their absolute peak. The benefits of Yin Zhen are vast much in the same vein as green teas, but more so. The name Yin Zhen means silver needle as the tea is silvery in colour, and the buds when unfurled are long and narrow like needles. There are many Chinese legends surrounding this tea of the emperors but it is explanatory enough to say this is a “once in a lifetime” tea. Many myths about the positive affects on cancer patience.

Sample size, Refill Packet, Bulk Packet. Maybe packed in a white stainless steel canister with inner seal for freshness.


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